75 years and counting in reliable partnership

A company’s success hinges on its guarantees in reliability. For FIB Industries, which has grown to be a big player in the industry of process and pressure containing equipment, this value deserves to be put on a pedestal. The company employs a mix of both experienced and fresh experts, who work on various projects through an effective LEAN project organization, and keep in close communication between people from their different fields and disciplines. The team constantly strives to safeguard a high quality in their stainless steel products, while also making sure promises are kept. More often than not, they put in the extra effort in a push for daily self-improvement.


Richard de Vries, Plant Manager at FIB Industries since October 18 this year, has a background in technical business administration and naval engineering. His passion for technology has shaped his career thus far. After having been active in the naval industry for years, he felt the need to make a switch to the manufacturing industry: “When I was approached for a position as Plant Manager at FIB Industries, I was instantly excited. Working for a company like FIB Industries means working for the cream of the crop”. Richard has nothing but praise for the level of expertise in this company and has taken on the challenge of helping the company expand even further. He wants to raise expertise within the company to the next level and have a more thorough approach to innovation and efficiency: “It’s the only way we can continue to satisfy our customers’ needs”. He achieves this goal by actively involving the experts within the company in the entire production process and having a constant awareness for points of improvement. “Keeping experts engaged in their fields of strength, while galvanizing and challenging them is important to me as Plant Manager and member of the management team. I want to actively involve them in company processes and develop plans together with them to bolster FIB Industries’ position in the manufacturing industry,” says Richard.


The suppliers that FIB Industries works with are important links in the entire chain of the customer process. As such, core suppliers are carefully chosen, fomenting a fruitful and enduring co-operation that engenders mutual loyalty. The audits performed by the quality assurance team at FIB Industries safeguard the reliability and quality of supplies. Another important link in the process chain is the test phase: “Before a product gets shipped from our factory, we build a mock-up setup in our facilities and test the product, sometimes in the presence of our customer, to ensure everything works in order and is complete. This step helps reduce possible down time when our product is put into actual operation”.


FIB industries is at the cutting edge in the field of developing and manufacturing stainless steel products in equipment building. The company is global supplier and installer of its products, while production itself takes place in Leeuwarden. The experts at FIB Industries are held to high standard expectations which, together with a promise to fulfil business deals and an approachability regarding its responsibility, guarantee excellent quality in the company’s products. Reliability is a huge pillar in these high quality standards enforced by the company, making it one of its core values.



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