Building on further collaborations

Customers working with FIB Industries immediately notice the atmosphere within the company. It is a company where the core values of 'Quality', 'Reliability' and 'Cooperation with the customer' are central. But why are these values so important to FIB Industries? And what added value do these core values bring to the customer?


If you ask Commercial Director Albert Botter, the added value of FIB Industries comes most to the fore in the cooperation with the customer. He talks enthusiastically about a customer who was looking for a reliable partner to make conical mixers. They were looking for mixers with a certain size, a specific wall thickness that had to be made from specific materials. There is only one company that can live up to the combination of these challenges. A perfect job for the team at FIB Industries. With this customer, FIB Industries is involved from the start of the process, allowing for maximum input. As such, this customer can put their trust in FIB Industries' expertise. This confidence was certainly not unfounded, as a top-notch product of the highest attainable quality was delivered. By using FIB's services, customers are assured of maximum quality of their final product. This is a perfect example of a customer experiencing the added value of FIB Industries in the broadest sense.


High quality is of course one of the standards at FIB Industries. But it's not just about quality, says Albert. It is also the long-term collaborations that excite him and the team at FIB Industries. As an example, he mentions an international customer who started using gas burners from FIB Industries as early as 1992. The burners need to be continuously operational, so it was important to work well together from the start in terms of designing, manufacturing and, after delivery, maintaining and repairing the products. Because of this collaboration, the burners are still operational to this day with minimal downtime. A good example of how FIB Industries takes responsibility for its products during the entire time they are in use.


This quality and the long-term relationships with customers should not just provide the customer with a reliable product. FIB Industries goes one step further: they also work cost-efficiently, without affecting quality. These costs then include not just the purchase price of the devices, but the 'total cost of ownership'. For example, during the mechanical design stage, FIB Industries already looks at the possible cost benefits, including for the longer term. This intensive cooperation allows FIB Industries, for example, to use a more cost-efficient material that lasts longer and produces a higher-quality product.


So everywhere at FIB Industries you feel that the interests of the customer come first.  It is a company where quality, reliability and customer cooperation really come alive. But who is the typical customer for FIB Industries? And how do you ensure that this extra value actually benefits the customer? These are questions that Sales Manager Harold van der Veen will explore in more detail next month.



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