Customization is more than just a solution

Ensuring that customers receive a tailored solution is a top priority for sales manager Harold van der Veen. Our clients, who all face similar challenges, are in search of reliable process equipment for their production processes. However, each solution is unique! How does FIB Industries ensure that customers receive exactly what they need to sustain their production for decades to come?


When no blueprint is available...

Our current focus lies on customers who utilize critical equipment in their production processes, particularly those operating in the fields of energy transition and the circular economy. FIB specializes in high-quality stainless steel solutions that are distinguished by material choice, certification, or pressure/wall thickness considerations.

One of the significant projects Harold is currently working on involves a customer, developing a solution for extracting oil from used plastics. Together with the client, we concentrate specifically on developing the reactor where the pyrolysis process and conversion to oil takes place. For this groundbreaking and unique project, the client has provided us with a simple sketch and basic specifications. Leveraging our extensive knowledge, we collaborate with the client to design a reactor that fully meets process requirements and is efficiently manufacturable, but also complies with the necessary standards and regulations.


How critical questions lead to the best solutions

To achieve optimal solutions for this and other challenges, FIB Industries has a team of engineers who contribute their expertise to the design and construction of pressure vessels, reactors and columns. Already, during the quotation stage, we ask critical questions and engage in profound discussions. Sometimes, reaching the heart of the matter is necessary to find the best solution.

For example, we are in discussions with a producer of additives for various applications. The reactors face significant thermal loads, resulting in problems that can lead to unacceptable downtime and production losses. Together with the client, we revisited the basic reactor design and worked towards finding the best possible solution. The goal is to minimize downtime and perform maintenance only during scheduled stops. The chosen design ultimately ensures a sustainable product for the customer, guaranteeing production stability.


Creating value through sustainable partnerships

Harold emphasizes FIB Industries' commitment to building long-term partnerships with customers, which is highly appreciated by our clients. He explains, "Being involved from the initial development stage allows us to ensure seamless production with certainty. That is ultimately what the customer wants!" Through our dedicated approach and enthusiastic collaboration, FIB Industries can truly demonstrate its added value to customers. This transforms the customer-supplier relationship into a sustainable partnership. In practice, it has proven to be successful, and Thijs Straatsma will share more about it next time!



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