Embedding core values

For more than 75 years, FIB Industries has been welding and building stainless steel appliances with passion and craftsmanship. From the Frisian town of Leeuwarden, these high-quality products find their way to all corners of the world. Always with three core values in mind: 'Reliability', 'Quality' and 'Cooperation with the customer'.


You need more than just passion and craftsmanship. All required tasks and work must be carried out by a team of professionals who know, complement and, above all, trust each other. To further strengthen the FIB team, Robert van der Bout recently gave a (enter) training session to the entire staff at the "Neushoorn" venue in Leeuwarden.


Robert van den Bout grew up in two completely different worlds: the motorbike world as the leader of a full-colour motorbike club and as a manager in the corporate world. He quickly recognised, that the values from the motorbike club, such as brotherhood, could be of value and an extra addition to the corporate world. During his presentation, he uses a playful mix of pep talks and stand-up comedy to get the "Brotherhood in Businesses" message across.


For FIB, the session with Robert van der Bout is the start of a series of workshops in which FIB staff will roll up their sleeves to define who we really are as FIB Industries. Given the rapid developments within FIB, it is important to properly establish the identity and as such the direction in order to be able to take the right steps at the right time. 


These workshops will look at how FIB Industries' core values can be even better integrated into the corporate culture and how the company can continue to develop in the areas of Reliability, Quality and Cooperation with the Customer. These workshops will further enhance FIB Industries' ability to continue providing the optimal solutions to customers around the world.

The core values of "The Tribe" can certainly make an important contribution to this.



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