Superior quality in service

Thinking along with the customer is of great importance, but of equal importance is the guarantee of high quality! FIB Industries possesses the required expertise to ensure that all their stainless steel products they offer, meet these standards. Jan Tichelaar is head of the Quality Assurance department. Together with his team, he makes sure customers truly get value for their money. At the age of seventeen, Jan started working at FIB Industries and has stayed ever since. This year, on July 13th, he celebrated his forty year anniversary with the company! Indeed, FIB Industries is incredibly proud of such a loyal employee. He has proven himself with his hands-on mentality, decisiveness, and highly analytical mind.


The Quality Assurance department is responsible for issues with quality, both for the customer as for FIB Industries itself. Such as setting up and securing quality systems within the company. They also work on preparing, coordinating and guide internal and external audits, the results of which are then translated into concrete efforts of improvement. “We can get involved in the sales process quite early sometimes, during the calculation process for example. In every phase, we’re there to think along regarding such things as correct specifications and as such we often have a clear picture of a project from start to finish,” says Jan. Yet every project is different, since each project has a unique specification. This provides a welcome challenge to the quality experts at FIB Industries. Jan has this to say about their task load: “Together with the customer and inspection bodies, we conduct investigations when our products are put to use. This can be a one-off investigation, but it could also be a process that takes place over a longer period of time, if multiple products have been acquired. Within the Quality Assurance department, we communicate openly among each other, so as to increase our quality awareness, ensuring an efficient and flawless cooperation.“


The possibilities at FIB Industries are made apparent through the range of certificates the company has held for decades. For example, FIB Industries has the ISO 9001 certificate to its name. This certificate assures that design, manufacture and supply of all kinds of processing equipment are of quality adhering to current standards. FIB Industries also holds the ISO 3834-2 certificate, which shows a range of possibilities in the field of welding operations. With these and other certificates, FIB Industries not only gives a guarantee in quality, but also promises the production and distribution of products with excellent quality standards. See also our page Certificates.


For the past 75 years, quality has been of great importance at FIB Industries, at the cutting edge in the field of fabricating stainless steel products in equipment building. The company sells these products worldwide, producing them on site in Leeuwarden. Being socially and communicatively adept is required in order to conduct investigations all over the globe. All members of the team at the Quality Assurance department have this skill, which serves to improve quality. This is exactly why FIB Industries is built upon this core value.





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