Sustainable partnership for long-term succes

FIB Industries has found in recent years that sustainable partnerships are the key to success. By focusing on customer needs, working together on cost efficiency and performance improvement, the company is building strong customer relationships. The traditional customer-supplier model has given way to sustainable partnership. In this article, Thijs Straatsma, International Sales Manager, will talk more about the success of this strategy. 


Building long-term customer relationships

FIB Industries has crystallized what the best customer profile is that optimally matches its own identity. This profile focuses on customers who see the added value of our company. Especially customers who have independently developed systems or product solutions to perform specific processes, such as in the renewable energy industry, are an essential cornerstone of this profile. "Our customers have all the knowledge of the process and have designed equipment that can support that process. FIB Industries adds knowledge in the field of mechanical construction and manufacturability in order to achieve an optimal overall design of the process equipment." Within this framework, FIB Industries' expertise is used to create synergy between quality and cost, as well as the required build time for each device. "We challenge our customers to think with us in their design, in order to collectively better meet the needs of the end user." In this way, an intensive collaboration with the customer is created.


Being a reliable partner

In the field of gasification burners, FIB Industries has been working together with a key technology partner for period of thirty years. During a recent meeting with a valued end user in South Korea, it became clear that the reliability of the product is indeed of an extremely high level. The customer asked, "How long do the burners you manufacture actually last? A question the customer asked because, with the exception of some maintenance, the burners have been functioning smoothly for thirty years. These burners are crucial components within the customer process, where reliability plays an extremely important role. Incidents leading to process downtime can have significant financial consequences. The added value FIB Industries provides here, through involvement in manufacturing, inspection and maintenance, is of great importance. "We discuss our findings with the customer so that adjustments can be made where necessary. For example, by applying a modified construction detail". Maintenance and repair of wear parts is also carried out completely independently by FIB. So we have not yet been able to give a complete answer to the question of how long the burners will last!


Achieving joint success

Many of our customers design products primarily from paper. To get a better feel for the hardware and the associated production process, regular customers regularly visit FIB Industries. Recently, a customer asked if it would be possible for a delegation of colleagues to stop by for training, during which they would also like to watch the devices being manufactured. "We grasp these kinds of proposals with both hands. When customers see what it takes to build a device, among other things, it can cause certain specifications to be revisited."

This openness is characteristic of FIB Industries. In conversation with the customer, we always arrive at the best result.


FIB Industries has a strong focus on building deep customer relationships, going beyond the role of supplier. In the following article, our Sales Manager Robert de Jonge shares how an EPC company in the energy sector needed specific parts for an Aero derivative gas turbine , which turned out to be part of a complicated engineering and construction solution. This company made grateful use of the unique expertise that FIB Industries has in-house.



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