Thinking along is crucial when putting the customer front and center

At FIB Industries, our main focus is the customer. For this, thinking along with the customer is an important factor. Tjibbe Tilma, Lead Engineer at FIB Industries, and his team are second to none at thinking along. Together with the customer, he looks at their needs and expectations and where FIB Industries fits best in that picture. Starting point: a hand-drawn sketch or old drawings and data sheets.


Tjibbe is an optimist at heart. He likes taking the lead during the customer process. For example, when existing equipment requires adjustments, he makes sure those adjustments adhere to current legislation and are up to designing regulations. He also coordinates in making a roadmap where inspection, disassembly and reassembly together lead to the adjusted end result. Tjibbe explains: “By thinking along with the customer in finding a fitting solution, we at the Engineering department contribute to the customer’s satisfaction. This makes our job not only  important, but fun as well. It is definitely a challenge, but one we’re more than willing to accept!”


Another important factor within the Engineering department’s work process is the application of their expertise. Constructions, designing regulations, manufacturability, welding techniques, available materials: all undergo their critical scrutiny. After that, a decision is made on what would guarantee the best result for the customer. This all contributes to the reliability of products FIB Industries has to offer, which is another important factor.


Product quality is also crucial. In order to guarantee this quality, test environments are set up to check the functionality and, if applicable, temperature resistance of the constructions. Here’s what Tjibbe has to say about that: “We perform mock-up and FAT-inspections during our construction process. By performing hydro and pneumatic tests, we ascertain that the product is made fully to the customer’s requirements.”


FIB Industries has been at the cutting edge in fabricating stainless steel products in equipment building for 75 years. From their production site in Leeuwarden, their products sell globally. This is made possible through the expertise of, among others, the Engineering department and their Lead Engineer Tjibbe Tilma. Thinking along with the customer is paramount to this, making that one of the core values that have formed the foundations of FIB Industries for many years.



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