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For 75 years, FIB Industries has been a well-known name in manufacturing stainless steel products in the equipment building industry. These products are manufactured in Leeuwarden and sold worldwide. What are FIB Industries’ intentions, what kind of craftsmanship is behind these products and how can they be applied in operating processes? 


We are offering you a look behind the scenes. The upcoming period will highlight various products and activities. We will go back in time and give the floor to some of our employees and contacts. First of all, we want to emphasize what FIB Industries stands for and how we want to distinguish ourselves from other companies in the markets in which we are active.


Albert Botter, Commercial Director at FIB Industries, states: “QUALITY is a given at FIB Industries, and will never be compromised on. It does not only pertain to the quality of the product, but of course also that of the employees, the service and the means of production, for example.”


At FIB Industries the second important core value is RELIABILITY. We honour our commitments, deliver the products on time, and ensure that our clients trust we will always solve their challenges in the best possible manner


Finally, INVOLVEMENT with the client is very important to FIB Industries. For example, being a specialized manufacturer, FIB Industries uses the client’s drawings and designs as its starting point for possible design, quality and/or cost improvements. “We always like to be involved in brainstorm sessions and sharing our ideas with the client. Our goal is to find the optimal solution for the client, with a focus on quality and reliability for an appropriate price,” Albert says.


Quality, reliability and involvement are the three core values that FIB Industries builds on. That is our foundation. Would you like to know more about our history, products and activities, employees and contacts? Follow us and keep an eye on our LinkedIn page!



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