Our Professionals - Our Best Asset (HRM)

Two years ago, under the leadership of managing director Menko van Gorkum, a new Management Team (MT) was formed. This MT focuses on several pillars within the company. One of these pillars is the employees. They take centre stage within FIB Industries. Therefore it is important not only to provide a working environment in which employees are facilitated to get the best out of themselves, but ALSO to attract the right people. Within FIB Industries, Menko van Gorkum is responsible for this. 'Last year, we hired fourteen new employees. Under these market conditions, this is certainly unique. We are quite proud of that,' he says.


Enabling the highest quality

At FIB Industries, we strive for nothing less than the very best professionals. We understand that attracting and retaining top employees is crucial to ensure the best quality. Creating an atmosphere of professionalism is essential to our commitment to help our clients achieve their goals. Therefore, we invest in our people by providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills to work at the highest level.


Safeguarding knowledge and training young talent

In recent times, plenty of investments were made to create a safe and learning environment. Menko explains: 'You want to ensure, that the people within the FIB can develop themselves to their full potential and that we also attract young talent to safeguard knowledge. That’s why we took on three students who work at different departments. As a result, we learn from the younger generation and the experienced FIB staff can pass on their knowledge to the new generation.'   Giving these activities "top priority" will ensure FIB's future for the coming years in a responsible manner.


Develop and evaluate

Another good example in terms of development is the appraisal interview. This conversation was previously a one-way street. The employee received feedback from the manager, but nowadays it is an equal conversation where feedback is given back and forth and further evaluated. This was achieved by having both parties fill in the appraisal form two weeks before the interview, allowing the employee to reflect on his performance in advance. During the conversation, the forms are compared, which makes for a valuable growth conversation. 


Challenges ahead

One of the biggest challenges for FIB Industries is to grow its workforce again this year. The desire is to recruit a total of fifteen people in the coming year, with a particular focus on specialised welders and equipment builders. Menko remarks: 'I believe it is important to create a safe and sustainable environment for all employees within FIB Industries. In such an environment, people can flourish. With such an environment, I am sure that also this year we will again be able to attract fifteen people.'

Within FIB Industries, we are always looking for new talent. Wondering what opportunities are available to you? If so, please contact Rianne Wijnia at r.wijnia@fib.nl or 0614513868. She will gladly invite you to come for a cup of coffee soon.  




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